Ever experienced these scenarios in your career?

I have almost zero support from my leaders because I'm a senior.

I thought about leaving...but the years of relationship with my leader is making it hard to leave.

My leader offered me an extra 1-2% remuneration to stay.

I have almost zero support from my leaders because I'm a senior.

I thought about leaving...but the years of relationship with my leader is making it hard to leave.

My leader offered me an extra 1-2% remuneration to stay.

Don't ignore the red flags!

leader cannot add value

Those are clear signs that your leader can no longer add value to you.

It's time to make a strategic business decision to skyrocket your growth!

skyrocket your growth
skyrocket your business

As a business owner, aren't we supposed to think in the best interest of our business?

Achieve Mind-Blowing Growth with Infinity, the Largest Group* in PIAS

Unrivalled Breakthrough -
$28M* Gross Revenue in PIAS

* Based on results at the of end December 2020

At Infinity, you're never alone.

Our management team is heavily invested in the success of our consultants no matter the phase they’re in.

With Infinity's 5Ts

You can count on us to equip you with all the knowledge, tools, support and public exposure you need to achieve your career breakthrough.

Tailor-Made Training

Tailor-Made Training

Tailored support to achieve your goals at every stage of your business.

Boost your advisory skillset with us.

Tailor-Made Training

3-6 months of Foundation Trainings

Tailor-Made Training

2 MDRT Special Interest Groups

Tailor-Made Training

8 Focus Groups

Tailor-Made Training

And other ongoing projects to bring out the best of you

Technological Capabilities

Technological Capabilities

i-NITIATE®️ is a revolutionary end-to-end financial advisory tool for you and your clients.

Tailor-Made Training

Send personalised messages to your clients

Tailor-Made Training

Send tailored marketing campaigns with a click

Tailor-Made Training

Non-Face-To-Face Interactive Fact-Find

Tailor-Made Training

Track clients' policies via integrated platform

Tailor-Made Training

Customised Auto-Premium Reminders for Policies

Tailor-Made Training

Financial Planning Charts & Tools

i-NITIATE® Client App

A seamless way for your clients to learn, view, and manage their entire financial portfolio at their fingertips.

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Thorough Financial Ecosystem

Thorough Financial Ecosystem

An Integrated Financial Ecosystem Encompassing A Full Suite of Advisory-Support Capabilities to Serve Financial Consultants.

Our 10 core support pillars

  • Mortgage Loans Specialist Support
  • Group Employee Specialist Support
  • Personal Branding & Marketing
  • Medical Concierge Services
  • Client Appreciation System
  • Wills & Estate Specialist Support
  • General Insurance Systemisation
  • Corporate Seminars System
  • Compliance Checking Systems
  • Infinity Training Academy

Learn how our 2 Rounds TOT Qualifier leverages on Infinity’s Estate Planning Support

Trust & Personal
Brand Building

Infinity ensures you gain public exposure, stamp your presenceonline, build trust and credibility with your audience.

Transitional Support Team

Transitional Support For A Seamless Transfer

Leave the hassle to us! Infinity has a dedicated transitional support team to facilitate your shift and for you to thriveas an incoming consultant.

Tailor-Made Training

Strong SOP & Briefing

Tailor-Made Training

Smooth Transitions. No Delays.

Tailor-Made Training

Explaining to clients

Tailor-Made Training

Transfer forms

Don't just take our word for it

We have produced award winning consultants from various backgrounds. Many of them have made a bold move and achieved success within a short span of time. Check them out!

You can be one of them!

TOP of The Table

Court of The Table

And these are just fraction of how Inifinity can be a life changing decision for you.

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    Can we offer you a Personal Branding Kit for Financial Consultant?

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